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9806-19-6 9806-1

Power Distribution Panels

     Noramco makes compact 19-inch-wide and 23-inch-wide rack-mount Power Distribution Panels with up to six (or seven, in 23-inch model) independent 20-terminal power blocks. The panels use only one Rack Unit (1.75 inches) of vertical space. They are perfect for distributing 24VDC or 48VDC from a Power Supply.

     Each power block contains two Augat RDI 10-terminal blocks which are rated for 20 amps at 300 volts and are UL-recognized and CSA-certified. All 20 terminals are interconnected with multiple busbars. Each terminal accepts wire range 12-22 AWG. The setscrews are tightened with a slotted 1/8-inch-diameter screwdriver blade. Each block has a clear insulated cover with screwdriver access holes. The blocks are mounted with a strong double-coated adhesive.

     The panels can be ordered with a partial complement of power blocks installed. The power blocks may be ordered separately. This permits more blocks to be added later without removing the panel or interrupting service. Also, the power blocks may be fastened to other convenient surfaces.

Power Distribution Panel Pricing:
Block Count 19-inch model $ Price 23-inch model $ Price
1 9806-19-1 50.00 9806-23-1 55.00
2 9806-19-2 80.00 9806-23-2 85.00
3 9806-19-3 110.00 9806-23-3 115.00
4 9806-19-4 140.00 9806-23-4 145.00
5 9806-19-5 170.00 9806-23-5 175.00
6 9806-19-6 200.00 9806-23-6 205.00
7 not available NA 9806-23-7 235.00


Power Distribution Panel accessories: $ Price
9806-1 individual (unmounted) power block with clear cover and adhesive tape 30.00
9806-SD pocket screwdriver with 1/8-inch slotted blade (fits holes in cover) 3.00

(Price in effect 1/2004; contact for current pricing.)

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