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High Voltage Isolation Units (HVIUs):
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     Noramco makes High Voltage Isolation Units which protect telecommunications equipment from damage and utility personnel from injury when high-current faults develop in power plants or substations.

Power Supplies:
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     Noramco makes 24-volt and 48-volt linear-regulated Power Supplies specifically for powering High Voltage Isolation Units and other telecommunications equipment. Because there are no whirring fans, these supplies do not whine like switchmode models do. The product produces a nice, clean output voltage.

Power Distribution Panels:
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     Noramco makes compact 19-inch-wide and 23-inch-wide rack-mount Power Distribution Panels with up to six (19-inch) or seven (23-inch) independent 20-terminal power distribution blocks. Each block is rated 20 amps, 300 volts. Each block has a clear insulated cover with screwdriver access holes. The panels use only one Rack Unit (1.75 inches) of vertical space. They are perfect for distributing 24VDC or 48VDC from a Power Supply to multiple loads. This product is truly unique.

Alarm Panel:
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     Noramco makes a 12-alarm wall-mounted Alarm Panel which can be easily seen from 40 feet across a brightly-lit control room. It has an audible alarm which can be turned off, a lamp test button, a power-on indicator light, a blown-fuse indicator light, and contact outputs for summary alarm, power on, power failure, and audible alarm disabled. This Alarm Panel is already used in many power plants worldwide.

Attenuator Panels:
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     Noramco makes rack-mounted Attenuator Panels which hold ten plug-in fixed attenuators for converting signal levels on 2-wire or 4-wire audio circuits to Remote Terminal units and other audio tone equipment. Many of these are in service in power plants and substations all over the world.

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